What Is Bio CNG

Bio CNG brings to us a two-faceted advantage. On one hand, it is an effective way to dispose of wet waste and convert it efficiently into energy. On the other, it gives an amazing alternative for fuel with more calorific value and less carbon footprint.

Bio CNG is a more purified form of biogas as it contains about 92 to 98% methane and 2-3% carbon dioxide compared to the normal biogas that has about 55 to 65% methane and 35-45% carbon dioxide. The result of the increased methane content is its energy efficiency - Bio CNG produces 52000 Kilojoules/Kg which is markedly better than biogas that produces about 19500 Kilojoules/Kg

Importance of Bio CNG:
The high calorific value of Bio CNG would mean that it can be used for power generation and as an environment-friendly fuel.

  • BIO CNG is the purified form of Biogas.
  • Biogas is processed to get 95% pure methane gas.
  • The process residue is a high quality concentrated liquid fertilizer.
  • Energy Intensity is highest for Bio CNG.